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  • 19-01-2024


We are excited to share a recap of the incredible moments from OTICON 2024. The event centred around the theme “Occupations and Occupational Science: Creating ‘Magic’ in Occupational Therapy. It brought together industry experts, seasoned professionals, students and enthusiasts from OT industry for an enriching experience. 
Key Highlights

Engaging Scientific Sessions:

The event featured a series of scientific paper presentations, panel discussions and interactive sessions led by experienced professionals in the field. Enthusiastic participants gained valuable insights into the latest innovations and challenges in Occupational Therapy today.


Networking Opportunities:

Students and practising professionals had the chance to connect with like-minded professionals fostering new relationships and future collaborations.


Exhibition by Sponsors:

Our sponsors and partners showcased their cutting-edge products and latest technologies in the exhibition area. Attendees had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with innovative solutions.


Cultural Programs: 

Students from colleges across the country participated in the cultural contest setting the stage ablaze with tons of energy and drumbeats.


Awards & Recognition: 

Veterans in the field were recognised and awarded for their unparalleled contribution to the field.



AIOTA & KOTA in collaboration with NIPMR and NISH conducted free disability camp for the underprivileged differently-abled population in Kerala alongside OTICON 2024. Apart from individual consultation and home programs for registered children, training sessions were conducted for parents and teachers by experienced professionals from National Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (NIPMR) & National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH).
KOTA extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants, speakers, sponsors and volunteers who made this event a grand success. 

For more PHOTOS check here.


For VIDEOS check the links below

  1. COTE Pre Conference Continuing Occupational Therapy Education
  2. Inauguration Ceremony OTICON 2024
  3. Scientific Session 1 | Weaving Occupation Back into Life
  4. Scientific Session 2 Drawing Professional Practices, Projecting Better Occupational Therapy Evidence
  5. Scientific Session 3 | Foraging the Context of Occupation |
  6. Scientific Session 4 | Moulding Values and Interests in Occupational Therapy Practices |
  7. Scientific Session 5 | Playing with ideas-Occupational Therapy Interventions in Paediatrics
  8. Scientific Presentation 6 Cooking ingredients to create recipes to nurtureOccupational Therapy novel Interventions
  9. Scientific Session 7 | Gardening for New Innovations
  10. Scientific Session 8 | Street Play
  11. Panel Discussion | OT education in gen Z | 
  12. Keynote Address Towards making magic: Critical reflections on Occupational Science for Occupational Therapy by Prof. Roshan Galvaan, PhD
  13. Guest Faculty: “How do OTs become a high impact force in the Rehab area?” G. Vijayaraghavan, Founder CEO of Technopark, Trivandrum
  14. Guest Faculty: The secret ingredients to Quality Excellence Dr Saril | Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru
  15. Overseas FacultyOccupation-based behavioural activation for developing interventions for chronic Occupational Dysfunctional management Prof. Amit Sethi PhD | University of Pittsburg
  16. Guest Faculty: Role of Developmental Pediatrician in a multi/transdisciplinary teamDr Nimmy Joseph, Developmental Paediatrician 
  17. Faculty Talk |  Breaking the stigma, rising above challenges- Empowering those caring for loved ones with Autism Spectrum Disorder| Dr Sanjeev Padankatti | Professor & Head of Occupational Therapy, CMC Vellore
  18. Dr. Reginald Alex, Guest Speaker - Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Healthcare Workers
  19. Faculty Talk | : Common errors in IJOT submission |Dr. Lakshmanan S | 
  20. Guest Faculty: Benefits of Accreditation in Healthcare (CAHO) | Salumon Chandra Sekharan | 
  21. Guest Speaker Mr. MJ Jospesh | Reflections |
  22. Legal Implication of Occupational Therapy Professional Misconduct- Justice S H Panchapakeshan
  23. Guest Faculty Mental Health Disorders and Occupational Therapy | Dr. Willona Annunciation |
  24. Overseas Faculty Applying Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Dr. Boomiah Dasari
  25. Overseas Faculty Significance of Strategic Advocacy in Occupational Therapy | Dr. Harshvardhan
  26. Valedictory Function |