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Annette Maria

BOT, Final Year

"Although it was with some hesitation that I joined this course, now I am so much grateful for the understanding that has increased exponentially and also for having experienced a great growth and change. To me there is no better reward that i can ask for other than seeing those happy faces after their therapy session. Always thankful and greatful for the exposure i have had as a student in the field of occupational therapy and wolud like to enhance my skills thus bringing a new change.

Balachandar B

BOT, Second Year

"I have realized the worthiness of my profession from the moment I entered my clinical postings. The dedication of each Occupational therapist in each ward to ameliorate the client’s life, starting from infant of 1 year with GDD in pediatric ward upto a client with stroke of 72 years old in neurology ward.

Tvisha Vineet Prasani

BOT, Final Year

I strongly believe that the work we do as occupational therapists has a great impact on every life we touch. Over the past few years, I have seen the joy that occupational therapists have brought back to so many lives coming from such differing backgrounds. Be it an elderly woman who suffered from a fracture and could not cook for her family, or a man in his mid thirties who had a debilitating stroke which prevented him from even getting out of bed, or a child who could never walk properly due to spasticity, or a young woman afflicted with depression who started isolating from friends and family, occupational therapy has been able to understand what is most important to these individuals and see them for what they truly value and desire